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NetVector are experts in deploying fast, reliable, Wi-Fi networks to businesses throughout London and the South East.

When you say Wi-Fi people often think of this as Internet access. Wi-Fi is of course actually a network deployment without the wires – so it is more than just getting on the internet! Most offices, hotels, retail and entertainment venues now have a Wi-Fi deployment that can be used for a variety of purposes – internet access for guests, office network access for employees, secure access for point of sales such as tills.

How do you manage this load – do you want your guests to stream video and consume all your bandwidth or do you want to control who can do what and why.

Our Wi-Fi solutions can meet these challenges and deliver high speed, reliable Wi-Fi to all areas of your business with the appropriate controls, logging and management in place.

Contact NetVector to see how we can help you with your Wi-Fi.

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