Young people in shared accommodation using Wi-Fi network

West Kent YMCA

Wi-Fi Networks Tonbridge

NetVector has worked with the West Kent YMCA in Tonbridge for over 15 years providing IT support and services to its team in West Kent over multiple sites. During this time we have upgraded the infrastructure with new hardware and virtualised servers, moved between various offices and migrated to the charity priced version of Office 365. Recently we completed a major deployment of Wi-Fi networks for residents in West Kent YMCA accommodation giving access to high speed and secure Wi-Fi for over 50 tenants.

As a charitable organisation West Kent YMCA has to account for its IT budget and maximise the value it receives so we work carefully with them to ensure money is wisely spent. Where possible we look for solutions that give the best value such as creating VPN site to site links and backing up data across sites for resilience and redundancy. Charity pricing for software is always sought out and deployed wherever possible and access to our support desk 8am to 6pm gives staff the IT support they need to get on with their day jobs.

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