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Traditionally phone systems have been based on digital and analogue lines – the conversion of signals into electronic waves. This meant that phone systems had separate cabling for the telephones and computers – and nothing linking them. Headaches to this were the need to run more than one cable to each desk and maintaining two separate cabling networks.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is the transmission of voice over data. This is where sound waves from speaking get translated into data packets and sent over the data side of a network. VOIP is widely used in modern communications as data networks become more robust, reliable, and ubiquitous. The main advantage to this is it allows one cable to be used to connect both a computer and a telephone handset, also the phone system can interact with the computer – enabling things like pop up caller identification, soft phones on laptops and click to dial.

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Telephony Services

VOIP Phone System

VOIP is used exclusively in all of NetVector’s phone solutions to allow end nodes (handsets, laptops and Apps on smartphones) to communicate back to the VOIP phone system itself, be it hosted in the cloud or on premise.

VOIP is also a terminology used to describe the way telephone numbers are bought into a premises – rather than coming in on separate analogue or digital ISDN lines they can simply be delivered over a internet connection. This makes VOIP incredibly flexible for instant setup of telephone numbers or for moving between locations.

NetVector always recommends a quality internet line for safe and reliable delivery of VOIP solutions – in this case it is quality not speed that matters.

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