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Based in Kent, NetVector provides remote IT support to our customers throughout the UK using our highly secure and reliable remote access technology. For our Pro-Support customers you will have an agent on your computer from which you can authorise our access for remote support and our helpdesk team will talk you through this process – it’s really simple.

For ad-hoc support to customers who don’t have an appropriate support agreement we use TeamViewer and you can download this from our website – again our friendly team will talk you through this process.

Whatever method is used you can see what we are doing, and we can explain what is going on so you can be sure we are working to resolve your issue.

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IT Services

Proactive Monitoring

Our agent-based system also gives us proactive monitoring and patch management of your devices and servers. We will detect early failure of hardware and can alert you and arrange for resolution BEFORE it becomes an issue – such as detecting a failing hard drive before data is lost. Patch management gives us the ability to centrally manage and deploy the many updates made to products – and not just Windows updates, this will maintain and keep up to date many popular applications such as Adobe PDF reader, Chrome browsers amongst many others.

Contact us today for a free quote on any of our remote IT support packages and keep your business running smoothly at all times.

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