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There are many reasons you may choose mobile broadband solutions and NetVector can help keep your business connected within the London and South East areas. There are locations where broadband services delivered over wires are not available or the speed is too low to be of any real use. Also there are occasions where fast reliable internet services are needed to be delivered quickly and there is no time to wait for a BT Openreach installation which can take weeks. For these locations a 4g or 5g service can make sense.

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Mobile Broadband Router

Mobile broadband routers have pros and cons which we have outlined below. You can also contact us directly and a member of our team will be able to advise you on the best solution for your business needs and location.


  • Delivered via a sim card in a router these services benefit from:
  • Fast setup – plug in the router and go
  • High speeds up to 100mb in the right signal areas
  • Can come with static IP addressing if needed


  • Normally data is charged on consumption – you have to restrict to a certain amount or pay a premium for unlimited
  • Dependent upon the 4g/5g signal available at the location
  • Quality of service can vary
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