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We all need a plan. It constantly surprises us at NetVector how some organisations drift from year to year without any cohesive idea of how to use their technology. Our years of experience as an It Consultancy throughout Kent, London, Sussex and Surrey allows us to understand what’s necessary to get the most from computing, telephony and Internet puts us in a unique place to analyse and offer a structured and defined IT strategy plan to help you achieve your goals and grow your business. Here’s some examples of areas where we can assist:

  • Equipment life cycle – replacing hardware and software, understanding what systems currently exist and aligning those features with your needs.
  • Cost analysis – ensuring you’re getting the best deal on your IT services
  • Internet connectivity – options change rapidly and you may be overpaying for an inferior service, Telephone line rental and call charges
  • Software license compliance – compliance is a serious issue and most organisations are deficient somehow in their license strategy.
  • IT Audits, documentation, and network diagrams – do you know how your system interacts, what dependencies there are and even what equipment you own.
  • Package selection – helping you analyse and understand the features of an off the shelf software product and how it might assist your business.
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Our consultants are specialists across a wide cross section of disciplines and are experienced in asking the right questions to provide focus. We’re comfortable presenting our findings in a variety of formats, including presentations to board members and key stakeholders or in formal report format. Planning is an organic process, and our service includes regular updates and review sessions to ensure objectives have been met and further shape future progress. NetVector provides jargon-free, clear IT strategies to small and large businesses throughout London, Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. Contact Us Contact Us
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