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Ask any IT specialist what is the most important yet most overlooked area of technology and they will say Backup! The basic principles of data backup services are to always have 3 copies of your data – this is normally:

  • Data on the device (e.g. the server or the pc/laptop)
  • A local copy of that data
  • An offsite copy of that data

Netvector, based in Kent, offer many solutions to businesses throughout the UK to backup and cover the areas detailed below.

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IT Services

Onsite Data Backup

If you have onsite servers storing your critical data you need to make sure they are securely backed up. Most people who end up paying hackers who have crypto locked their files are doing this because they didn’t have a full backup!

NetVector partners with Veeam, an industry recognised leading edge backup software vendor. We ensure your onsite data is backed up regularly and with version history so you can restore accidentally deleted items as well as recovering entire servers in a disaster recovery situation. Entire virtual servers can also be replicated to different hardware giving you instant disaster recovery in the event of a hardware failure.

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IT Services

Cloud Backup Services for Businesses

Ok so you have your data backed up locally but that’s just half the story. Unless that data is taken offsite to another location you can still lose everything. For that reason, NetVector offers our own offsite cloud backup solution for businesses where we can store your data backups in our secure UK data centre. This can be billed as an ongoing monthly arrangement and the cost is dependent on how much data you have and how long you want to store it.

If you ever do need to recover your systems in the event of a disaster, then for quicker recovery times we can implement a disaster recovery solution for you. Put simply this means we can replicate your systems as a hot standby in our UK data centre so they are ready to run if your primary site should fail. For customers already running systems in our data centre we can implement this in our secondary data centre site.

You may just have laptops or other devices with local data only on them. For these situations we have our NetVector LiveDrive solution which will simply backup your data into the cloud for whenever the machine is internet connected – all for a low fixed monthly cost of £10 per month per device.

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IT Services

Office 365 Backup Services

It surprises many people to find out that Microsoft DOES NOT BACKUP your data held Office 365. So if you or your employees accidentally (or otherwise) delete data such as email, OneDrive or SharePoint files you may find it is no longer recoverable.

For this reason, we offer a full Microsoft 365 backup services starting at £2.50 per user per month. This gives you peace of mind that your data is always protected.

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