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NetVector helps businesses throughout London and the South East to stay connected at all times with our business fibre broadband solutions. Fibre is a word used a lot to describe internet services! There are many types of fibre line starting with fibre broadband – but this is often delivered on copper to the location (Fibre Broadband).

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) is a newer technology where the fibre line is directly into the building and can provide lightning fast internet connections at very low cost. However these services are still subject to contention and occasional downtime without strict SLA’s. Virgin have been providing FTTP services for many years in areas cabled with their infrastructure whilst BT Openreach is now deploying this to new areas.

FTTP technology can deliver speeds of 300mb down and 50mb up, with this is increasing all of the time. However they are subject to the same contention rates as business broadband and have some of the other disadvantages – they can slow at busy times and they do not have great SLA’s.

For a complete review of your connectivity options please contact us and we can review the market for you.

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