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Cloud Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Backup ans Disaster recovery services enable your business to recover from a disaster situation in a much reduced time frame compared to traditional system restores from backup. This is achieved by having a mirror of your systems ready in the cloud that can be enabled when you need it so your business can carry on operating.

NetVector has developed a managed DR solution within our Data Center located in the South East near London, where we can host part or complete systems for our customers depending on their needs. We can also offer independent DR solutions to existing cloud based systems. NetVector will fully manage, monitor and maintain these solutions so they are ready if and when you need them. Contact Us

Cloud Services

Disaster Recovery Services

NetVector also works with 3rd party disaster recovery services such as Azure to implement DR solutions for customers who want to work within those providers. We can consult, advise and implement a solution to meet all needs. Disaster Recovery is a complicated topic and often not just about IT. There are many aspects to consider such as where staff would work, what devices would they need, where systems are dependent on other systems to work and how fast everything needs to be recovered. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Contact Us
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